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Advertisements in Sault Ste. Marie are developed that market a particular product or service. These ads are then place into a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. The search engine then places the ad as a sponsor link on their page whenever certain key words are typed into their search terms.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

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What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

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How Does Pay Per Click (PPC) Work?

Advertisements are developed that market a particular product or service. These ads are then place into a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. The search engine then places the ad as a sponsor link on their page whenever certain key words are typed into their search terms. If you notice on Google, the ads on the top and right hand margins state that they are sponsored links. These are pay per click advertisements. The remaining results below the ads are organic results, or results that are not paid for.

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The marketer then pays that search engine accordingly by rate that the search engine charges per click on the ad. The more frequently that a particular key word that is related to the ad is clicked on, the higher the price that the search engine will charge for each click. PPC is a great way for people to pay to drive targeted traffic to their website. A marketer can bid on certain key words as well. The more money that is payed per click, the better the placement the marketer will obtain on the search engines listings for a given keyword search.

How easy is it to create a PPC campaign?

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Website traffic is the bottom line for all marketers on the internet. A large amount of traffic can be directed toward a particular website fairly quickly if a quality PPC campaign is established. It does take a fair amount of research of a campaign to get to the point where the cost per click is worth while for the amount of traffic, and revenue generated from that traffic, to make a successful profit. It may take some trial and error methods to obtain the sales that one anticipates with regards to the budget they are working with.

Who can benefit from having a PPC campaign?

Paying by click works well for companies or individuals interested in marketing a product or service where the "natural" website traffic they may receive without a PPC campaign is not enough. Also, many people new to online marketing, or just beginning to start affiliate marketing, can benefit from this type of campaign. Reason being, the only other option to drive web traffic to a site would be to research the multitude of traffic driving techniques and tools for obtaining high rankings for a certain keyword, and then utilize the techniques that one feels will produce the best marketing strategies for that particular campaign.

On Google for example, Google webmasters changed their algorithms over 4,000 times last year. What does that mean in respect to website marketing? Basically they manipulate the way that Google decides how and why it will rank one website over a competitors site. The most basic way to gain a higher ranking is by having as much "gravity" to ones campaign sites as possible. Gravity in this respect refers mostly to how much valid content is actually available online. The more sites one has that link to their mainpage, the more gravity they are said to have.

However, this is just the basis for how Google ranks sites. They also use social networking sites, social bookmarking, original to redundant video/article ratios, popularity of one particular visitor to your site, (for example, if President Obama visits the website via his own Facebook page,) quality of articles and related sites, how long someone visits a site, and countless other ways that keep marketers guessing as to how they can obtain the top rankings.

What is the best way to begin a PPC campaign?

In my opinion the best way to begin marketing via this type of campaign is through the aid of a PPC software product. There are many products available (some at little or no cost,) that can help one significantly both in setting up their campaign as well as in understanding the basics. Doing good competitive research is also highly recommended.

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